Thursday, February 26, 2009

The End

Just when we thought they were off and away I heard the key pop in the door at my Mom's house and it was Zack and Alex. Of course Zack did not pack everything before the wedding. We were glad to see them and chat about their dream day.

If he is next we are in trouble!!

I love this picture...Thank God for our special Josiah.

Gary was Zack's nickname during the college baseball days and the boys had to make the announcement.

Allie singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". She sang this song to her sisters.

Papa getting his groove on.

Mama and T
Now you have it the Alex and Zachary's wedding day. I talked to the newly wed, Zack, this afternoon and they seem to be doing well. I wish them all the best and I pray for them daily.
On another note, I have to ask you to help me pray about our wedding day. Zack called to inform me today that he will be doing some training in Tampa, Florida when I get married. He said he wanted to go ahead and tell me because, he did not want me to freak out. Well, I did freak out before I thought that I know God has a plan and I am going to trust him. Zack is talking to several people tomorrow to see if they will work with him. Please pray that he will be able to be apart of our wedding!


  1. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing.So nice n beautiful.Wish you n all newly wedded couples a great joyful married life.

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  2. No matter how bad you want to stay a "Liles", your rhythym will always be "Griffin."

  3. Mom and I are sitting here reading this blog and laughing together. Zack packing last minute...some things never change. Mom says with Zack, the plans changes constantly and she's sure he will make it to that wedding. I agree. My favorite picture is Zack and Josiah and your commentary. Hilarious. Love you.