Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

On Friday Connor came to play with Aunt Lizzie, Uncle B and Dowdy. We always have so much fun with him. I can hardly believe that our boy is almost one. He told me that he wanted a dog for his birthday and I am seriously considering getting him one. Just Kidding-STACEY

I love this face!!

I set up shop to do all my the invitations!

Staying Organized

I wanted to share with you some invitations for some of my upcoming showers. The one above is for the Monogram Shower that the girls are giving me. I love the poem on the invite.

We all know her as EBL,
soon that will change with wedding bells.
In May, she's changing her last initial,
so let's help to make it official!
(I heard Jessica was the poet. Thanks Jess!)

I am really excited about this shower. I love monograms and I have lots of things that have to go from EBL to ELR. This was such a fun shower when Stacey and Katie got married. They both got lots of neat things.

This is the invitations for a Bridal shower that we are having in Wilson. I love the green on this one. I really looking forward it too!

Saturday was Dowdy's first day of school. The one stimpulation that I had when I gave Bryan Dowdy was that I wanted him to go to obdience school. This Saturday was our first day and it went well. Dowdy was the "Teachers Pet", she used him for all of her examples.

While I am a addressing invitation after invitation the "boys" are hanging out on the couch. All I have to say is "It must be nice".


  1. That is about the sweetest picture of Connor. Ga knows, he's so cute!!!

  2. Elizabeth,
    Your invites are beautiful! I know you must be getting so excited! I saw this link and wanted to share it with you. My favorite idea is are the favors ("Smore" kits!) Adorable!