Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stress Relief

This is week has been crazy busy. On Thursday we had finished and mailed the invitations for the wedding, I had made a quick trip to the windy city, Chicago, and I finally went to get my passport. I was a little stressed to say the least so I did two of my favorite things to relieve the stress of the week. I went to CVS to save $$ and it was Bunco night!

I do not know if you guys have heard of the Extra Care Card at CVS, but it is their version of the Food Loin MPV card only better. I learned about a few months ago thanks to some other blog and me being the penny pincher that I am I had to get one. Ever since the day I got I have been obsessed with their weekly sales paper and saving money at CVS. To show you just how good it works, I wanted to share with you what I purchased this week.

1st Transaction
-4-12 packs of can drinks- The sale was 4 for $13 and you got back $3 in Extra Care bucks!!
-2 boxes of cereal and one box of cereal bars.-The sale was 3 for $10 and you got back $5 in Extra Care bucks!!
Total-$24.13 and I got back $8 in ECB

2nd Transaction
-1 Palmolive Dish Soap-$1.49 and you got $1 in ECB
-2-10 packs of AA batteries-They were $6.49 and if you bought you one you got one free.
I gave her my EC bucks from transaction number one and she said there is no additional balance. In addition to no additional balance I got back $1 in ECB.
I love these deals!! If you don’t have a ECB card go get you one today!!

Then on to Bunco I went and it was so much FUN! Our host was Hope for this month and she did a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Everything was green from the drinks to the sweets! Check out the pics-Hope is the one in the green wig! Thanks, Hope for a great evening.

Well, I am off to our shower in Wilson. Stay tuned for pictures. Have a great day!!

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  1. I hear something squeeking?!? It must be your wallet, 'cause you so tight!!