Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monogram Shower

On Saturday I had my monogram shower and it was so much fun. After the shower I had to model some of my new "ELR" gear.

I got 5 "ELR" aprons at my shower. So the girls that hosted the shower each put one on for a photo session. I hope that all the aprons help with my cooking skills. :)

Thanks girls for hosting this shower it was so much fun.


The Kearney Girls and EBL

Angie, EBL, Grandma

My Maid of Honor...Caroline

EBL, Mary Beth, Ms. Patty and Bailey

Casey, Blake and Our Diva-Savannah



This is hat is too cute. I will wear it proudly.

Lori and Connor

The offical scribe. Thanks Caroline!

We had lots of monogramed gifts and babies. Two of my favorite things.

Look at that smile! I think he loves me more than he does his Uncle Brad. Sorry Brad!
EBL and Ms. Lillie
I hope that y'all have a great Monday!

Girls Weekend Pictures...

EBL and Caroline

We played a game to see who knew me best and it was Caroline.

Stacey, Alex, Taylor and M

The girls had so much fun dressing me up.

Mindy bringing in all the treats for the weekend.

For entertainment we had our "BOO STACE"!!

How cute is this?? The girls gave me this bucket filled with goodies and at the end of the weekend they all signed it.

That was some pics from the weekend. The memories that were made will last a lifetime! Thanks girls and if you check this leave me your favorite memory from the weekend. I am sure I will need some laughter over the next few weeks. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Girls Weekend-Wedding Plans

This past weekend we went to Myrtle Beach for my "Bachelorette Weekend". It was so much fun and I have all these great pics to share with you, but I am traveling this week and I left my camera in my trunk at the airport. That figures-right? Be on the lookout for some pictures on Friday. Thanks to Alex, Caroline, Blake, Mindy, Stacey, Taylor, Katie, M, Heather and Jessica for making this weekend so special. God has blessed me with such great friends and family.

The invitations are out and the responses are coming in. I have my bridal portraits and my monogram shower this weekend. The next thing that I need to accomplish is to decide on the songs for our wedding and the programs. Do you have any songs that you would suggest or any really cool wedding program ideas? I look forward to your ideas!!

I am a believer in the power of prayer and I wanted to ask you to help us pray about purchasing our first home together. I think we have found the one in Wilson and we are in the negotiation phase right now so will you pray that God's perfect will will be done.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stress Relief

This is week has been crazy busy. On Thursday we had finished and mailed the invitations for the wedding, I had made a quick trip to the windy city, Chicago, and I finally went to get my passport. I was a little stressed to say the least so I did two of my favorite things to relieve the stress of the week. I went to CVS to save $$ and it was Bunco night!

I do not know if you guys have heard of the Extra Care Card at CVS, but it is their version of the Food Loin MPV card only better. I learned about a few months ago thanks to some other blog and me being the penny pincher that I am I had to get one. Ever since the day I got I have been obsessed with their weekly sales paper and saving money at CVS. To show you just how good it works, I wanted to share with you what I purchased this week.

1st Transaction
-4-12 packs of can drinks- The sale was 4 for $13 and you got back $3 in Extra Care bucks!!
-2 boxes of cereal and one box of cereal bars.-The sale was 3 for $10 and you got back $5 in Extra Care bucks!!
Total-$24.13 and I got back $8 in ECB

2nd Transaction
-1 Palmolive Dish Soap-$1.49 and you got $1 in ECB
-2-10 packs of AA batteries-They were $6.49 and if you bought you one you got one free.
I gave her my EC bucks from transaction number one and she said there is no additional balance. In addition to no additional balance I got back $1 in ECB.
I love these deals!! If you don’t have a ECB card go get you one today!!

Then on to Bunco I went and it was so much FUN! Our host was Hope for this month and she did a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Everything was green from the drinks to the sweets! Check out the pics-Hope is the one in the green wig! Thanks, Hope for a great evening.

Well, I am off to our shower in Wilson. Stay tuned for pictures. Have a great day!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Engagement Pictures

On Wednesday Bryan and I had our engagement pictures taken. We took a lot of them downtown Kinston which was really neat. Growing up I never would have thought I would be taking pictures downtown in the K. I always enjoy Melanie’s non traditional eye when she is snapping pictures. She has such a God given talent! Take a look at the link below and let me know your favorite!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

On Friday Connor came to play with Aunt Lizzie, Uncle B and Dowdy. We always have so much fun with him. I can hardly believe that our boy is almost one. He told me that he wanted a dog for his birthday and I am seriously considering getting him one. Just Kidding-STACEY

I love this face!!

I set up shop to do all my the invitations!

Staying Organized

I wanted to share with you some invitations for some of my upcoming showers. The one above is for the Monogram Shower that the girls are giving me. I love the poem on the invite.

We all know her as EBL,
soon that will change with wedding bells.
In May, she's changing her last initial,
so let's help to make it official!
(I heard Jessica was the poet. Thanks Jess!)

I am really excited about this shower. I love monograms and I have lots of things that have to go from EBL to ELR. This was such a fun shower when Stacey and Katie got married. They both got lots of neat things.

This is the invitations for a Bridal shower that we are having in Wilson. I love the green on this one. I really looking forward it too!

Saturday was Dowdy's first day of school. The one stimpulation that I had when I gave Bryan Dowdy was that I wanted him to go to obdience school. This Saturday was our first day and it went well. Dowdy was the "Teachers Pet", she used him for all of her examples.

While I am a addressing invitation after invitation the "boys" are hanging out on the couch. All I have to say is "It must be nice".