Monday, October 31, 2011


 We all headed to the Meeks' for the annual Halloween party last weekend. As usual I laughed until I cried and ate myself sick. :) It is so fun to see what everyone comes up with each year. 

Meet Baby Bowen
26 lbs
35 inches
Proud Parents
Brad and Taylor

 Pippi Longstocking joined in on the fun!
 Johnathan rode in!
 We let the sweetest kitten and elephant in for a visit!
Bon Qui Qui came over on her dinner break from King Burger. 
To say that Mama was proud of her costume is an understatement! 


 Anna Kate the kitten got to take a little tour from up high!
 Meet the wrestler with the sweetest face ever!
AK got my phone and jewels. 
I tell you the girl has the right idea you have to love a phone and jewelry, she is our "Miss Priss".

Be sure to stay tuned a "Pirate" is going to make an appearance tonight!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011



This past weekend we did some celebrating from a baby to a new initial!

Last Saturday we celebrated E and baby Ethan! We can't wait to meet the little "E".
 Stacey's little sister, Stuart, is getting married in November so we thought it fitting to give her a monogram shower to carry on the tradition.
 In case you did not know I love blogland and it is full of ides. I got a picture for 10 cents at a yard sale; I slapped some chalkboard paint on it, painted the frame green and added a some ribbon.
We used it in the center of the table.
 We gave all the southern belles in attendance a good ole whoopie pie to say "Thanks for coming".
Stacey, Stuart, Me, Taylor

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Welcome to Club 30!!

 On October 5th I turned the big 3-0. To be completely honest I am excited about my 30's and what the Lord has in store. As I look back on my 20's HE did some major work in my life so, let the 30's begin. 

Bryan gave me a surprise party which was really nice. 
B really amazes me with all that he can do from midterms to a surprise party!
 The Bowens

 The Beddards
 Tay and Katie
My cake was soooo good. Thanks Mom!!
Thanks to everyone for celebrating with me.