Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I love plates hanging on a wall, but I am a little nervous to put them up in my house.
 The reason would be that Bryan and I do not make a good pair when it comes to hanging things and you know plates are typically hung in arrangements of more than one. I have been purchasing plates for a few months now to hang. I did a little research on command strips, in hopes that I could eliminate 1,000 holes in our old walls and spare a fight. Let me tell you they are the DEAL for REAL!! 
On Saturday morning I asked B to help me hang some plates and he so kindly agreed. I figured if it end in a little fight, we had all day to get over it. :) Well, I am happy to report that we did!!

My new best friend!!!

Before and very boring!!!

The plates give a nice punch of color, don't you agree? 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy & Some News

The past 2 weeks have been really busy. My good friend, Melodie and her husband, James headed to the islands for a winter vacation and Bryan and I kept their 3 little boys.  I went over last Thursday at 6:30 am to start my duty as "Mama" for the week. It was an interesting morning to say the least complete with one little boy throwing up. Thank goodness the days and nights got easier, but I gained a WHOLE NEW respect for the parents in this world. I felt as if I had ran 10 miles by the time I got the 3 little ones up, dressed and in their classrooms at school. In my experience I found that being super organized is the key to success and you have to keep lots of structure in place! When Melodie walked in at 11:30 on Tuesday night I was so glad to see her. :) In the midst of all the hard work it was so worth it each time I heard "Ms. Elizabeth", when the boys shared with me what was on their minds that they wanted to pray about each morning and night and I can't forget when the little one looked up at me when I dropped him off at school and said "I want to give you a butterfly kiss". I tip my hat to all that take on the ultimate responsibility of bringing up little ones.

The Boys
Redden, Will, Lee

Bryan has started his 2nd semester of Law school which has been a bit stressful out of the gate. On Wednesday night he came upstairs at about 10:30 and told me that he was headed to the garage to let out some of his frustrations. Girls, if you have a golfer on your hands buy them a net that they can set up to practice hitting balls. I bought B one for Christmas and he loves it!! When he came back in he was like a new man, now that is nice for us girls. I am sure you know what I mean.

We have had a good weekend spending time with family. Friday night we enjoyed a shrimp stew with my Mom, Terry, Zack and crew, Brad (Terry's son) and his girlfriend. It was delicious. Saturday we hung around the house until we met The Radfords and The Ingrams to celebrate Ms. Patty's birthday at Ribeye's in Nashville. When we got there we found out some exciting news, Bailey came over to give me a hug and she was wearing a shirt that announced "I am the big sister". They are expecting in late September, which means I am going to be an AUNTIE again!!

Big Sister