Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend Fun & Wedding Pictures

We had party after party this weekend. We started out on Friday with the Greenville crew, Matthew, Mary Beth, Bailey, Caroline and Justin coming to Wilson to grill out. Then on Saturday we celebrated Ms. Lillie and Caden's birthday. We spent Father's Day our Dads, Uncle Charles and Papa. It was really nice to relax a little and not do housework all weekend. :)
On Sunday night we celebrated Father's Day with our Dads. We went to eat at a Wilson favorite Parker's BBQ. That is both our Dads favorite so it worked out really well.

On Saturday we celebrated Caden's 1st Birthday in Kinston. We had so much fun. We wish you many more Caden. I had to get a picture of two of my favorites Whitlee and Caden.

Enjoying his cake!!

The smile says it all.
I got a call this afternoon that my wedding pictures were posted. I could not get home quick enough to look at them.
Go check them

Dowdy is so smart! Meme (my mom) came to visit this afternoon and she wanted Dowdy to try on her specks. I think he looks rather cute in his Meme's glasses.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Babies are Growing

Hey There!! I hope that y'all are doing well. I have finally realized that I can't get caught up on everything. Yes, this house has consumed me and anyone else that stops in. :) I am going to give you the grand tour as soon as I finish a few more things. I wanted to share with you some pics of our babies!! They are growing up too fast.

Connor in his plaid at Stacey's birthday party. Don't you just love his blue eyes!?!
He took 23 steps today-no his Mom was not proud of him. :)
We got to dog sit for Belle and Saba a few weeks ago. Landon and Julie went away for a few days and the puppies came to our house. We had so much fun. Our little one, Dowdy, loved having them around to play with.

Dowdy is of course not going to sit still for a picture. He is a 9 month old puppy full of ENERGY!!

Little Miss Bailey is our niece and she is growing up to be such a girly girl. Now you know that makes her Aunt Lizzie so proud.

I do not have a recent picture to share of little Caden. We are celebrating his the BIG 1 with him this weekend. I will be sure to get an updated pic and share. I hope that you have a great Friday. I am so looking forward to the weekend. :)