Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend Fun & Wedding Pictures

We had party after party this weekend. We started out on Friday with the Greenville crew, Matthew, Mary Beth, Bailey, Caroline and Justin coming to Wilson to grill out. Then on Saturday we celebrated Ms. Lillie and Caden's birthday. We spent Father's Day our Dads, Uncle Charles and Papa. It was really nice to relax a little and not do housework all weekend. :)
On Sunday night we celebrated Father's Day with our Dads. We went to eat at a Wilson favorite Parker's BBQ. That is both our Dads favorite so it worked out really well.

On Saturday we celebrated Caden's 1st Birthday in Kinston. We had so much fun. We wish you many more Caden. I had to get a picture of two of my favorites Whitlee and Caden.

Enjoying his cake!!

The smile says it all.
I got a call this afternoon that my wedding pictures were posted. I could not get home quick enough to look at them.
Go check them

Dowdy is so smart! Meme (my mom) came to visit this afternoon and she wanted Dowdy to try on her specks. I think he looks rather cute in his Meme's glasses.


  1. hey i looked on the eastcarolina website to get here and i looked at thoose cute puppies whos puppis are thoose cause i think my aunt rhonda would like to ask you but dont tell her i told you that hahahaahahahahahaahhaha.......

  2. Hey There!!

    Girl-you have got a good memory! They are my friend Taylor's brothers puppies. He is selling them so let her know. Did you like you picture on the blog?? How is your summer going? We have to get Heather to update her blog. :)

  3. yeah i know.haha where does he live i have found me a puppy and i am deciding if i need to get it or not i have a name Tylir and it is a girl she is a chi poo and i love the dog. she has been looking a yellow or white lab how much are they?i am havin a good summer!we sure do need to get heather to put stuff on her blog!:)haha:)

  4. Hey-
    I think you should get the puppy. I have a friend that has that kind of dog and he is soooo cute. His name is Finley.
    He lives in Greenville and the puppies are $400. They are registered labs.

  5. i cant i showed my mom and i already have a dog Baxter and i love him and i have asked for another one alot of times the answer is always NO!!!!!!!!!