Friday, March 6, 2009

Engagement Pictures

On Wednesday Bryan and I had our engagement pictures taken. We took a lot of them downtown Kinston which was really neat. Growing up I never would have thought I would be taking pictures downtown in the K. I always enjoy Melanie’s non traditional eye when she is snapping pictures. She has such a God given talent! Take a look at the link below and let me know your favorite!


  1. It wouldn't be so hard to pick one if you both weren't so photogenic!!! This is Leslie Hinnant, by the way. I saw your profile on Taylor's blog. I LOVE your engagement pictures! Hope all is going well with the will be here before long! :)

  2. OK... seriously, could you guys get any cuter?! I loved how the outfits went to well together. E, you need to be a model, girl.... Beautiful pictures. I agree, Mel is AWESOME!

  3. Oh my is all I can say. I love them. You are beautiful! You guys look so great together!