Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 days until Zack Takes His Bride!!

On Saturday we had the Bridesmaid Luncheon and we had a really nice time. I have to share something with you the touched my heart so much. Alex wrote and read a poem for each of her 8 bridesmaids and I wanted to share mine with you. I was so impressed with each poem. I think she could write book of poetry.


Since I met your family, since the very first day,
You’ve welcomed me with open arms in your own special way.
From Bunco, to Bible Study, to ECU football,
You’ve always made me feel like I belonged with y’all.
You and your girls befriended me right from the start,
I can never explain how much that’s touched my heart.
You’re family also treats me like one of their own,
Through their actions towards me God’s love is shown.
When I started to dating Zack I thought I was just getting a man,
But it turns out I was actually getting a whole clan.
Wherever we are or whatever’s going down,
With ya'll never a dull moment is found.
There’s always laughter whenever we two are a team,
Getting along with Zack’s sister has been a true dream.
I was so scared when I met you, I wanted you all to like me,
And now I feel like I’ve always known you and your family.
It’s hard to imagine all we’ve been through the past two years,
So many memories and quite a few tears.
Uncle Sam has been pretty tough on the little Liles crew,
I know I couldn’t have made it through all the deployments without you.
And especially those trips to Georgia that ‘bout drove us insane,
Without DK for entertainment, it wouldn’t have been the same.
Riding all the way to Fort Benning listening to Michael Jackson songs,
Watching Dennis lifting weights, and getting all strong.
But how proud we all were of our little Zachery.
When he graduated and became a Ranger in the US Army.
You’ve always been so supportive of me and your brother,
You’ve been a big sister unlike any other.
Among the many things I admire about you,
To the Heavenly Father you always stay true.
Your faith in Jesus sets a great example for others to see,
A prayer warrior like you someday I hope to be.
I can’t wait to spend the next fifty years along side Bryan and you,
At family functions, cookouts baby showers, and your wedding too.
It will be like having our own built-in best friends,
For the bond between family never ends.
I’ve always been the oldest in the family,
I’ve never had a sister that was older than me.
Someone to give advice, someone to look up to,
And in just a few short days, my dream will come true.
You always make me feel like I can be “me”,
I’m so blessed to be a new part of your family.
I can count on you, and you can count on me,
Because for the rest of our lives sisters we will be.

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  1. Wow! What a great poem! That's so sweet of her to do that. You're right, she should do a poetry book.

    PS - I left you something on my blog :)