Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Wedding Day

Zack and Alex are married!! We had such a wonderful time yesterday. The day was perfect and I hope that it fulfilled little Allie’s dream of the “Winter Wedding”. From the candlelit ceremony to the tented reception in her parent’s backyard everything was beautiful. You know that I want to share with you all the details of the day, but I can’t do it all in one night so stay tuned and I will share bits and pieces until you have seen the day in its entirety !

The Liles

Zack tying Josiah's tie.

Me and Mom with the Bride!

My mom and I decided that we would start Alex a Pandora bracelet. We wanted to give her something special on her wedding day so we gave her the "Key to My Heart" charm. Since we have always had the key to Zack's heart we thought we would pass it on to her on their special day.

Allie had a special picture made for Zack and she had me give it to him along with a sweet poem. She asked him to be her date for eternity and he said yes.

This was the first time that we both saw each other all dressed up. It was the moment that we both new this was the real deal.

Daddy and Bryan

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!! Stay tuned there is more to come...


  1. I am officially caught up with your blog. You are doing such a great job. I need to get going on mine again today! I love the pic of you and Zack. You are such a great sister. You inspire me to be a better one. Been thinking about you.

  2. Elizabeth, Thought I would drop you a comment. I just went through all your posted pictures of Zack's wedding. I will have to say I sure wish I was at the reception shaking a leg with the sisters!!! You did great at job at telling the story. You had me laughing and tearing up!! I will check back for more updates.