Monday, February 9, 2009

Wedding Favors-HELP Y'ALL

For the most part I have felt that planning for the BIG day has been pretty easy, but I am at my first hurdle. Good thing I have this blog so I can get your help! I am trying to decide on what I would like to give as my favors for the wedding. I want this day to be VERY southern and I want the favor to once again represent that we are a southern Belle and Beau couple. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

My Ideas-

Country Ham Biscuits- I thought it would be a treat for the next morning.

My dad is not a fan of this one!

Muffins- This is one of B’s favorite and we enjoy them on special occasions.

Pepper Jelly-We love or should I say that I love to entertain! One of our favorites is pepper jelly with cream cheese served with crackers. I thought it would be cute with an “R” label!

What ideas can you share with me?


  1. I think Pepper Jelly would be a good choice. If you chose biscuits or muffins, you would have to go ahead and eat them, whereas, pepper jelly you do not have to use right away. Also, people can choose to save their jar, and it will remind them of your special day!

  2. LIZ!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you and Tay have started blogging. I love reading blogs and now I can keep up with y'all so much better! I am with T and love the Pepper Jelly idea. You could tie a cute ribbon around the jar and tie the recipe you were talking about in the post with an R on the flip side of the recipe card! Hope you're doing great! Love ya!

  3. I thought it would be a good way to stay connected and keep a journal. Can you believe I can do this?!? When are you getting one?

  4. I love the pepper jelly idea with the recipe card attached. To make it really Southern...add a small piece of materials between the lid and ring you screw on. :) LOL

    I was also thinking about a recipe book. I think I may have showed you the one I got from a wedding last summer. I would be more than willing to take that project on of typing, printing, and putting together the books. Just insert a recipe card to have sent back along with the RSVP. Swapping favorite recipes is truly Southern, especially delicious casseroles and yummy desserts!

    Another idea...a baby fern. Plants, especially taking care of plants and gardening are something I think of when thinking about things of the South. And ferns are one of our most favorite Southern plants. A baby fern would symbolize the beginning of your life together...a little mushy, I know.

  5. I would go with Pepper Jelly also. Just for the simple fact that they can keep it longer. I just like it a lot more than the others. Good Luck!