Sunday, September 25, 2011


Yesterday was our second home game of the season. 
I headed out to the game to do a little tailgating with the crew
 before we headed in to cheer on the Pirates. 
We decided to do a Mexican themed tailgate and it was awesome. 

Our Menu

Tacos with all the fixings
Rotel Dip
Cowboy Caviar
Chips and Salsa
Chips with Fruit Salsa
Sopapilla Cheesecake
Rice Crispy Treats with Candy Corn

I made the chips with fruit salsa. 
I was a little nervous, because I had never attempted to make it. 
It was actually really good. 

1 can of crushed pineapple
1 can of mandarin oranges
1 cup of grapes
cinnamon and Splenda

Drain the fruit
Cut your grapes in half
Mix together and then you have to blend it together really good
Drain the extra juice out
Add cinnamon and Splenda to taste

Soft Tortillas
cinnamon and Splenda

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Spray both sides of the tortillas with cooking spray
Sprinkle both sides with Splenda and cinnamon
Stack all tortillas together and cut into chips with a pizza cutter
Place in the oven for 5-7 minutes


Miss Taylor getting ready to go cheer for the PIRATES!!! 
She is literally 5 going on 30, I love it!

We painted it PURPLE yesterday! Way to go ECU!!

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

We kicked off September celebrating the 3rd birthday of
 2 very special little ones in our lives, Bailey and Dowdy.

 Dowdy turned 3 on September 6th and we celebrated his special day with cake just for him!We sang "Happy Birthday" and he had a candle.

I was so not a "dog person" until this little furry fella came into my life. 
Dowdy brings so much joy and excitement into our home. 
 Bailey had a "Cowgirl" party!!
 Mary Beth and Matthew had a horse come to the party and all the children got to take turns riding. 
It was a BIG hit!

 I just loved all her "Cowgirl" party decorations!

Uncle B and Bailey

Bailey-We hope you that the year ahead of you will be filled with many blessings.
 You are a very special little girl! 
We Love You,
Uncle B and Aunt Lizzie

Monday, September 5, 2011

St. Louis

 Zack is in Missouri training for a couple of months for his new job. My mom and I decided that we would meet up with him for the weekend in St. Louis.
 Busch Stadium-look who sponsors!
 There was a game on Friday night so after a dinner at a local tapas restaurant we headed down towards the stadium, we found this neat little patio where we enjoyed some yogurt and live music.
 Fireworks after the game. 
 On Saturday morning we heard drums, mom went to the window and announced "Look at all those people coming down the street."After a few minutes of speculating just what could be going on I had to go find out. When I got downstairs I realized it was an Indian wedding and this was the groom's entrance complete with drums, dancing and a horse dressed to the 9s.

 There were tons of horse and carriage downtown, but I think this one was for a princess. 

We had a grand time this weekend in St. Louis, traveling with my mom and Zack is exciting to say the least. 

August Fun

I am not quite sure just how August started on one day and end the next day!?! I tell you I think the days move faster and faster as we take this journey of life. Some special events took place that I have to note for the days when I am old and gray and can't seem to recall. :)

Jessica and Michael's Wedding

 Pretty bride and precious flower girl.

 Sandra and Jessica-Rehearsal Dinner
The Ktown Girls
Bridesmaid Luncheon Cake
It was scrumptious!!
The girls in the wedding.
Mr. & Mrs. Leggett

Anna Kate's First Birthday Party 
Anna Kate's mom did a fabulous job planning a special birthday for her little one.  There were pools, sprinklers and all sorts of water tools for the little ones to enjoy. 

Birthday Gift from Anna Kate's Mommy and Daddy
Is not the cutest toy box??

Treat Table to say "Thanks for coming to celebrate".

Yes, AK enjoyed her cake!! :)

Well, I think I will rest for a minute.

Anna Kate- What a blessing you are to each one of us.
 We pray that you will grow to love Jesus more and more each day.
Aunt Lizzie and Unlce B