Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!!

We kicked off September celebrating the 3rd birthday of
 2 very special little ones in our lives, Bailey and Dowdy.

 Dowdy turned 3 on September 6th and we celebrated his special day with cake just for him!We sang "Happy Birthday" and he had a candle.

I was so not a "dog person" until this little furry fella came into my life. 
Dowdy brings so much joy and excitement into our home. 
 Bailey had a "Cowgirl" party!!
 Mary Beth and Matthew had a horse come to the party and all the children got to take turns riding. 
It was a BIG hit!

 I just loved all her "Cowgirl" party decorations!

Uncle B and Bailey

Bailey-We hope you that the year ahead of you will be filled with many blessings.
 You are a very special little girl! 
We Love You,
Uncle B and Aunt Lizzie

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  1. It is so hard to believe the two of them are already 3 years old. Bet you don't miss the nights when you first brought Dowdy home!!!