Monday, September 5, 2011

St. Louis

 Zack is in Missouri training for a couple of months for his new job. My mom and I decided that we would meet up with him for the weekend in St. Louis.
 Busch Stadium-look who sponsors!
 There was a game on Friday night so after a dinner at a local tapas restaurant we headed down towards the stadium, we found this neat little patio where we enjoyed some yogurt and live music.
 Fireworks after the game. 
 On Saturday morning we heard drums, mom went to the window and announced "Look at all those people coming down the street."After a few minutes of speculating just what could be going on I had to go find out. When I got downstairs I realized it was an Indian wedding and this was the groom's entrance complete with drums, dancing and a horse dressed to the 9s.

 There were tons of horse and carriage downtown, but I think this one was for a princess. 

We had a grand time this weekend in St. Louis, traveling with my mom and Zack is exciting to say the least. 

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