Sunday, July 24, 2011

Marriage Advice

Kelly's Korner is having a "Linkie Party" for marriage advice, while I am no expert I thought I would share a few thoughts that we try to live by.

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#1-You have to know who leads you. I will steal the closing remarks from Tay and Brad's wedding "Let the Lord guide you each step of the way and never forget to follow". Bryan and I try to make it a point to let the Lord lead us everyday. A few things we do....we hold each other accountable spiritually, we pray most everyday before we head off to face the world, we are not afraid to get on our knees together and cry out to God and we are involved with a body of believers. While we are a far cry away from experiencing the depth of the relationship we desire with HIM I hope that when it is said in done he will say "The Radfords were faithful".

#2-Be a TEAM!! Bryan and I are both extremely independent people so this was one thing we had to get in order early on, even prior to marriage we knew that we had to be a team. We each have a part to play in our marriage we know our strengths and leverage those, while the other picks up during our weak moments. An example, would be I don't mind at all washing dishes while I am not one the yard, but Bryan takes great pride in that so he takes that and I take the dishes.

#3-Have a BUDGET!!!!! On the way home from our honeymoon I broke out the laptop and we put together a budget for the our household. I don't necessarily recommend doing it on the way home from the honeymoon, but do it soon. I am little OCD over a budget so I will let that example the need to break out the laptop in route from our honeymoon. I would also say that for us it has worked to have a ELR account, The Radford account and a SBR account that way we each have a our own and we have our household account. However, I have had friends that have one account and it works well for them. If you are a 1 account or 3 account family just have a budget. :)

While I will be the first to admit that marriage it hard, but I look at as a journey and I thank God that I get to walk the path beside Bryan (most days:)).

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  1. Great Advice! And I love that picture of you sweet!