Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Bowen Wedding Weekend

After the rehearsal at the church we headed over to Rock Springs to enjoy a scrumptious meal and fabulous fellowship hosted by Brad's parents.
The cake warned everyone "Fore Brad is off the market"; I might add that it tasted as good as it looks.
Brad's sister, Brittany and her beau, Andrew sang a song wrote especially for the soon to be Bowens; it was too cute!!
Bryan Meeks sharing some words of wisdom.
Brad's mom, Ms. Judy sang a song that she wrote to the couple and it was so funny!!

The Girls
We decided to a progressive toast for Taylor and Brad. We each went up one by one based on how long we had known Taylor, Jessica kicked us off and Katie rounded it out. At the very end Katie said "Brad we know you are here to stay but we want to you know" and we all chimed in with "FRIENDS ARE FOREVER".

The Boys
The Crew
We all stayed at Taylor's moms house on Friday night, when we got up that morning we all went our separate ways for a while before reconvening at Bojangles for some good breakfast. I went and ran with Zack, he decided that he would come join in on the wedding morning fun.
Hours away...
We are at the church it is getting closer...
KT dressed and almost ready...
Ms. Nancy taking a peek at Taylor to make sure she is perfect...
Jessica is dressed and ready with her bouquet...
Quick picture with the bride...
Stacey with the bride we are counting down...
I am proud to introduce you to...MRS. TAYLOR FLOWERS BOWEN!!!!!!!
(Sorry I don't know where MR. BOWEN was!?!)
Mrs. Bowen and Lesley take a moment for a picture.
Some of the boys had little notes in their jackets that they showed Brad on the way down. I could not tell you what "At my club" is all about, I was told it was an inside joke from the Vegas trip.
Stacey, Elizabeth, THE BRIDE, Katie, Melissa
The Radfords
Bryan has a dance that we fondly call "The Pitt County Shuffle" and it is performed to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", thankfully Bryan agreed to entertain us last night. He is probably having trouble walking today, but we sure did enjoy his performance last night.
The Girls and The Moms

The weekend was truly a blast!! What a blessing it is to gather with friends and family to celebrate the union of two very special people in our lives. I loved what the preacher told Taylor and Brad yesterday as they left the church, he said "As you walk down that aisle in just a moment picture Jesus walking in front of you and remember to let him lead you everyday of your life." That advice was spot on! It is my prayer that Jesus guides The Bowen marriage each day.

Taylor and Brad-Thank you for letting us share this special time with you. The Radfords love you both lots.

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  1. Thanks so much for being a part of our special day! I will definitely be using some of these pictures!!!