Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hooter's Tour in Snow Hill

Cutter Creek in Snow Hill hosted the Hooter's tour this week. Daddy had been begging us to come over for a little bit of the action. Saturday morning we all met up at his house to enjoy a breakfast with the golfer, Corey, that Daddy and Ms. Terry had hosted this week. Unfortnately, Corey missed the cut by 2 strokes so we said our goodbyes to him and headed to the course. Daddy has had the opportunity over the past week to spend a good amount of time with the golfers in the evenings. The town of Snow Hill extended a great big southern welcome to the golfers with meals and games each night. Daddy had a favorite, Brandon Brown, that he was dying for us to see or should I say Zack and Bryan to see. I must admit it was pretty entertaining to follow these guys as they played their hearts out. I dismissed myself a little early, but Daddy and B followed Brandon the entire round. As of yesterday afternoon he was in the lead so, Daddy and B hit the course to follow him today to victory. You can read all about the tournament and Brandon's win below.
Ms. Terry, Corey, Daddy
Brandon doing a little thinking. 
DK and B

Daddy and ELR

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