Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring is in the Air!

I love this time of year when the days start getting longer, the flowers are in full bloom and we celebrate the He is ALIVE!! This weekend has been a wonderful spring weekend. On Friday after work Stacey dressed Connor in his Easter best and we had a little photo session. Then we celebrated Josiah’s 11th birthday that night. On Saturday my Mom and my Dad’s family threw us a Lawn and Garden shower. It was really nice and we got so many great things! Zack and Alex came home this weekend and on Saturday afternoon after the shower I got to spend sometime with Zack. We went running together in Snow Hill and Daddy rode his bike to “Coach Us Along”. On Saturday night we went to Wilson to eat with Ms. Lillie and it was yummy as always. Then today we went to church and Mama and Terry came over for spaghetti and a lazy afternoon. Bryan and I had a really good weekend spending time with our families. I hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend as well!

Connor kissing the bunny! Stace how many times did you say that?

Look at this wreath that Ms. Shelia made for us. I love the "Pirate colors" and the "R".

Aunt Angie, EBL, Aunt Rhonda

Uncle Horace gave me a hoe that belonged to my Grandma and Grandaddy. It was so special!

I am ready to be a true Southern Belle and hit the garden with my hat.

The Girls and Our Boys
Thanks again Ms. Gail and Heather!!

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  1. Running with Dennis riding the bike is so funny to me. I can see him now...