Sunday, April 26, 2009

It is almost here...

Matthew, Mary Beth and Bailey gave Bryan a "Tool Shower" on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and Bryan got some good tools. Thank you Ingram family!
Dowdy and Bailey love each other!

I love the bucket with the drinks. It was so cute with the tool theme.

Last Saturday Ms. Nancy, Mr. Joe, Ms. Maudith, Mr. Tommy and Ms. Sandra gave us a "Couple Showers". It was so much fun. We had a wonderful meal and the weather was perfect. Thank you so much guys for a great time.

I love the cross.

Sandra and Jessica-thank you so much for this gift. It is all my money. :) Just kidding B.

It is so hard to believe that next week this time I will be a married woman. I think we are almost ready. I feel like have done a lot to prepare, but it seems that there is still a lot to do. I just want to enjoy this week ahead. I do have some praise reports that I have been wanting to share. God has been so good over the past few weeks and I can't praise him enough.

-My house and Bryan's house rented!!

-We closed on our new house in Wilson.

-Ms. Lillie (Bryan's mom) had her first treatment and everything went well.

-My brother and his wife were in an accident on Friday. Their 4Runner flipped 3 times and they both walked away from the accident.

-We have been praying for God to open up the door for Jennifer's husband, Randy, to get a job and he did!

I praise him today and I look forward to his new mercies tomorrow. If you have any advice on how to keep my stress level low this week please share. :)

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