Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun Weekend

Last weekend I went to Savannah, Georgia with my some my Wilson friends Amity and Melodie. We had a very nice relaxing weekend.

My favorite part was eating at "The Lady and Sons". I admit I am a Paula Deen fan. I admire the fact that she took $200 and built a booming business.

We took a tour of the city and visited St.John's Cathedral. It was beautiful.

Along the walls they had built ins that told the store of the journey Jesus took to the cross. It was so neat to walk around that beautiful church and be reminded of the journey that Jesus took for me and you.

The homes were beautiful!!

We ran each morning to Forsyth Park. Along the trail we saw the 2 statues above and this fountain. This fountain was ordered out of mail order catalog for $2500 many years ago. Can you imagine how much it would cost today?! It was a nice relaxing weekend in such a beautiful southern town.
Thanks to the men and women who fight for our freedom so that we can enjoy each day. May the gratitude that we experience on Memorial Day live in our hearts each day. You girls and guys make me so proud!!

I had to share this picture. This is how I found Dowdy Sunday night. He has made his way under a piece of furniture in the kitchen. Bryan told me when I left that they were going to have a "Bachelor Weekend". I guess Dowdy has too much fun. :)

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