Sunday, May 23, 2010

6 Week Challenge

It is no surprise to most everyone that knows me that I love to save a dollar. Friday night I went to a "Coupon Class" at my church. Jenn from came and taught the course. I am a Walmart shopper for my groceries and personal items, but according to Jenn better deals are to be found elsewhere. She gave us some great tips on buying and stocking up when items are at the rock bottom price. Did you know that grocery stores run on a 6 week cycle for sales........the corn that is on sale this week will not be on sale again for 6 weeks. I am going to do this for 6 weeks and see what happens. Today I set out on my first trip to CVS (Jenn loves CVS). Below you will find what I bought and my savings. I was pretty excited.

Transaction Number 1
Old Spicy Body wash 4.00
I got back 4.00 in Extra Care Bucks

Transaction Number 2
Nivea Body wash 4.99
Nivea Body wash 4.99
Nivea face lotion 5.99
I had a coupon for buy one, get one body wash (-4.99)
I had 4 ECB from transaction #1 (-4.00)
8.22 is what I had to pay. I receive $5.00 ECB

Transaction Number 3
3-2 liter Diet Pepsi-0.99 each
1-Jar of Peanut Butter-2.49
Total with tax 5.74
I used my $5 ECB from transaction #2 to make my total 0.74

Total spent $13.27
Savings-$12.47 (48%)

I am going to gather coupons and follow Southern Saver for 6 weeks to see if I can lower my spending my more than 30%. Any tips for this newcomer????

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