Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cold in Chicago

This week I traveled to Chicago to work and let me just tell you it was so cold. I am for sure a southern belle that is not interested in 15 layers of clothes just to walk outside for 30 seconds. 
While I was there I got to experience a first and attend a NBA basketball game. 
We went to see the Chicago Bulls play the Phoenix Suns at the United Center.
 Although, I am not one to follow NBA it was a neat experience and the Bulls won! 

I always enjoy visiting different places and seeing how society varies from place to place, but I am always thankful to head back south to my roots. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Projects 2012

I have been in a "project" mood this year so far. I have needed a cushion for a bench in our foyer for over a year now, but I just could not find one that I loved. I decided that I would try my hand at making one. I bought some foam and fabric to kick off the project. I had Bryan help me cut the foam, which by the way was very simple. I sent him on his way and I was ready to cover it. After I covered it I simply hot glued on some fringe and for about $15 the bench has a cushion. 

I am still searching for some cute throw pillows; if you have any ideas on where to find some cute ones please let me know!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Somebody Joined CLUB 30!!

I am proud to say that we have a new member of CLUB 30...


I am just a little behind on January 5th Taylor officially entered her 30s. I told her that it had been a lonely 3 months without her being apart of the Club 30 with me. Last Saturday we headed over to Mrs. Nancy and Jo's for cookout to celebrate Tay!!

Just for fun I thought I would included some pictures of Taylor through the years. 

Summer Nights

Sarah and John's Wedding
Merry Christmas

Our Annual Summer Trip



Queen Taylor

Wedding Shower

Taylor and Brad on the night before she became a Bowen. 

 HAPPY 30th Taylor!!
 Anna Kate is going to help with the candles since, you are getting a little older. 

AK thinking man this girl is old. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wedding Bucket Memories

When I got married one of our friends made an ice bucket for us that was decorated with invitations from our wedding.  There is nothing that I love more then a pretty invitation so they usually find there way into my desk drawer. I decided that for Christmas, Caroline and Taylor should have there very own invitation bucket. I bought the bucket from Lowe's and pulled out the Mod Podge in order to pull this project together. I was so excited at the way they turned out that I did not take a single picture. If you know Taylor and her administrative abilities I was in luck because, she had the pictures posted perfectly for me on her blog. Thanks Tay!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ahoy Mates!

When my friend, Melodie, asked me if I would transform her little one, Redden's room into a BIG BOY room for Christmas I jumped on it. The first thing I did was ask Redden what would he like in his room and he told me a wide variety things. I asked him if he liked boats and he said "Ye...ah"!
 So I set sail to find to all the perfect pieces to build his boat BIG BOY room. The Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle, left a note letting Redden know that his room was off limits until Christmas morning and that he would have to sleep with his brothers on Christmas Eve. I had everything in my workshop (the attic) ready to head over to their house Christmas Eve morning to put it all together. I got a taste of what it will be like to get everything ready when we have children, let me just say I was STRESSED. 
 The big boy bed from Pottery Barn, bedding from Ross and pillows from multiple locations I visited during my room search. The toy box he had in his room and we add some boat decals to dress it up a bit. The rug came from Lowe's, it has a compass in the middle and was trimmed in roping. 
 The oars came from Big Lots and the other items I shopped Melodie's house for. 
 I looked and looked for a lamp and final I found the perfect one.
 Redden's favorite thing is the mirror above his dresser. 
 We had to have chalkboard near his desk and a place to display all is artwork.
 Santa even left a note for him. 
His desk area and on a whim we covered the cushion with a napkin that we found in the house. 
Got to love it when a project comes together.
The little play area in his room complete with a "R" pirate mast from Pottery Barn. 

This sweet boy was thrilled on Christmas morning and has informed everyone that Santa took his crib to another baby that needed it. The funny thing is no one said a word to him about Santa taking his crib. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

 We kicked off our Christmas celebrations with Bryan's dad and Ms. Patty. 
Bailey and Pa take time out for a quick picture.
 Family Picture-The boys were thrilled. 
 Bryan got some clues to help him find one of his gifts in the garage. 
 Dowdy on Christmas morning. 
 Dowdy got a blanket for Christmas, we had to try it out. 
 Mom's Christmas tree
 The Radfords
 The Liles
 The Carters
 Papa and Bryan

 Uncle Charles and Josiah
 Ms. Lillie and Anna Grace
 Anna Kate loving on Sophie.

 Connor working on his gift. 
 AK modeling her new apron from Aunt Tay and Bubba.
 Sophie girl

Anna Kate disappeared and I found her watching Barney. 

We celebrated Christmas for 6 days straight and we enjoyed every minute!!

We hope you Christmas was merry and bright!