Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ahoy Mates!

When my friend, Melodie, asked me if I would transform her little one, Redden's room into a BIG BOY room for Christmas I jumped on it. The first thing I did was ask Redden what would he like in his room and he told me a wide variety things. I asked him if he liked boats and he said "Ye...ah"!
 So I set sail to find to all the perfect pieces to build his boat BIG BOY room. The Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle, left a note letting Redden know that his room was off limits until Christmas morning and that he would have to sleep with his brothers on Christmas Eve. I had everything in my workshop (the attic) ready to head over to their house Christmas Eve morning to put it all together. I got a taste of what it will be like to get everything ready when we have children, let me just say I was STRESSED. 
 The big boy bed from Pottery Barn, bedding from Ross and pillows from multiple locations I visited during my room search. The toy box he had in his room and we add some boat decals to dress it up a bit. The rug came from Lowe's, it has a compass in the middle and was trimmed in roping. 
 The oars came from Big Lots and the other items I shopped Melodie's house for. 
 I looked and looked for a lamp and final I found the perfect one.
 Redden's favorite thing is the mirror above his dresser. 
 We had to have chalkboard near his desk and a place to display all is artwork.
 Santa even left a note for him. 
His desk area and on a whim we covered the cushion with a napkin that we found in the house. 
Got to love it when a project comes together.
The little play area in his room complete with a "R" pirate mast from Pottery Barn. 

This sweet boy was thrilled on Christmas morning and has informed everyone that Santa took his crib to another baby that needed it. The funny thing is no one said a word to him about Santa taking his crib. 


  1. That looks fantastic! The mirror is my favorite part too. Would you be willing to share here?

  2. You're so talented Elizabeth! Great job!