Friday, March 2, 2012


I wanted to write about last weekend before we welcome this weekend. I kicked last weekend off with my first trip to Wine and Design to celebrate Melodie's birthday. It was such a fun get together for girls and a great way to end the week. We got there around 6 and enjoyed the company of each other for a little while before we slipped on our aprons and became artist for the evening. The canvas was sketch and you got to let your creativity flow to design your own master piece. We painted the "Rainbow Row" in Charleston.
Saturday marked a first and I got to share with my Dad, we judged the Miss Neuse 2012 pageant in Kinston. I picked him up early Saturday morning to head over to Kinston for interviews and then we went back that night for the big show. I learned a lot about the judging process, got to meet some nice people from all over the state that served as judges and spend time with my Dad (which you know is sure to equal multiple laughs). Take a look at this link for all the details of the evening
Sunday my little ones from church sang in big church, while this was not a first for some it was for a couple. There is nothing that is more moving then to see little ones praising Jesus with their voices. 
Now that I wrapped up our memories from last weekend we are off to make some more this weekend and I hope you do too!

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