Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oh Christmas Parties...

 It all started 10 years ago when our worries were few and we were always in search of a good time; Taylor and I decided to have a Christmas party. After the first year we had so much fun that it became an annual tradition. Over the years we have made so many wonderful memories preparing for the party, enjoying everyone on the BIG night and even the clean up brought us memories! Lots of things have happened since that first year, we went from living down the hall from each other to being married ladies in two different towns. We decided that it was time to close out the tradition on year number 10 and this year the fun tradition came to a end. 
 This year we had the party at my house. I always have so much fun decorating the table. 
 We displayed some invites from the years on the chandelier. 
 Anna Kate and Connor living it up!!
 Reagan, Landon, Bridget
Taylor and Brad

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