Wednesday, April 20, 2011

God's Provision

On Saturday North Carolina experienced a line of horrific storms that included some violent tornados. The weather men were forecasting bad weather, but I am not sure that any warning could prepare us for what followed. We had enjoyed an afternoon tea in honor of Taylor at our house. Due to the weather report the girls that lived in Greenville quickly headed home, M, Jessica, Mom and Angie decided to stay until it passed. We were enjoying our time together when we heard on the news a tornado was headed towards downtown Wilson, Bryan immediately ordered us all into the hall. In a matter of minutes it turned dark and the wind picked up. The tornado passed through our neighborhood impacting the street behind us, the house 4 doors down from us and the street in front of us. God provided us with safety through the storm. There were many homes and business that were destroyed by this storm. Please pray that these people will find peace and strength during this time. I have included below a few pictures from Snow Hill.

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