Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun Weekends

I just love the weekends, it such a great time to spend time with those that are so dear to you. I have done a terrible job of capturing the past 2 weekends in pictures, but I will share anyway. :)
Last Friday night we had dinner with Katie, Daryl and Taylor. We always enjoy the time we get to spend with Miss Taylor, she is 4 literally going on 25. Last Saturday night we headed to LA to celebrate Alex's Dad, Mr. Ted's 50th birthday . On Sunday we went to Snow Hill for church to watch Ms. Terry and Daddy join the church. After going to Liberty for 5 years they thought they would join! My Daddy shared his testimony which was very touching. I praise God for the words my Daddy shared and Ms. Terry being such a pray warrior.

This weekend we headed to Kinston to watch Josiah on the homecoming court, he was the 7th grade representative. I left my camera in the car-nice. I have to tell you that he was some kind of handsome. On Saturday we went with Reagan and Todd to the Carolina game. My favorite part was the food of the day, Brixx for lunch, Angus Barn for dinner and Yogen Fruz for a little something sweet!! Okay, you know I love something sweet and the Yogen Fruz was the bomb for 110 calories-Thanks Reagan for introducing me! Today we went to Ms. Lillie for a gourmet lunch, she is quite the chef. After shrimp and seafood manicotti it was time for some zzzzzzs. I hope you had a fun weekend!! Until next time may many blessings come your way.

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