Saturday, February 27, 2010


I decided that this year I would give up something for Lent. I started thinking what should I give up that I really LOVED and I decided that I would give up ice cream. I have a little confession to make I eat ice cream all too often. I love the fact that I can have a vanilla cone from McDonald's for a 150 calories or sugar free vanilla from Beyer's for 80 calories. There is no better sweet treat that will not bust your diet than ice cream. This is has been a good experience for be so far. Every time I think of how I want to indulge in my beloved vanilla cone I thank God for what he did for you and me. The ice cream that I give up pales in comparison of what he did to ensure that we could have eternal life. Thank Lord for what you did for me. By the way I will have ice cream for dessert on Easter Sunday. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today we were rushing around the church. The girls were putting the final touches on their make up and the boys were doing who knows what, but the one thing the girls and guys had in common is we were all going to the chapel to witness the wedding of Alex and Zack. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since their wedding day. Happy Anniversay Allie and Zack!!

Last weekend we went to Wrightsville Beach with my mom, Terry, Zack, Alex, Brad (Terry's son) and Kendra. We had a really good time and it is snowed! I had never seen snow at the beach so it was really neat.

At dinner last Saturday night Zack surprised Alex with the top layer of their wedding cake. He wanted them to be able to eat their actual cake on their anniversary so he got the bakery to recreate their top layer to bring to the beach. When the waiter brought it out Alex was sooo surprised.

They cute the cake once again!!

The Liles

Brad and Kendra
Brother and Sister

The Gang The Entire Gang
Thanks T for a fun filled weekend!! :)
Bryan is not the easiest person in the world to buy for so I always have to really think outside of the box for his gifts. I wanted to get him something we would remember 50 years from now since it was our first Valentine's as the Radfords. I decide I would get him tickets to an Atlanta Braves game. Allie helped me put together a basket of clues. We include a little poem with each item. Some of the items were...Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, a peach candle (since ATL is known for their peaches), Babe Ruth candy bar, red and blue gumballs and a few other things. He guessed in no time flat that we were headed to a Braves game.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Meet Alexa...

This past Saturday Mom and I headed to Durham to meet Miss Alexa. Heather, Shane, Zack and myself grew up together in Snow Hill and Kinston. We had so much fun together growing up from playing on the farm in Snow Hill to sleeping in the water bed in Kinston. It is still hard to believe that we are grown married women and Heather has 2 beautiful children. It seems just yesterday we were playing on the dirt road. It was so good to see Heather, Caden , Jason and Alexa this weekend.

Mama held her almost the entire time-no doubt! :)

We took Caden a present for being such a great big brother. He was so cute on Saturday. He opened his presents and then moved on to Alexa's presents. After he had opened all the presents he said "Lots of presents".

Congratulations McDaniel Family!! We Love You!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Half Marathon

I am going to mark one thing off of my bucket list. I am currently training for a half marathon. I am registered for the Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon on March 27th. We started training right before Christmas. It has been quite an adventure. I run Tuesday through Friday my normal route with my running partner Melodie. Then on Saturday mornings we do a "Big" run. This is the day where I ask myself "Why?". It is hard to get out there and do it, but there is no greater feeling when you finish the run. On Saturday we ran 9.5 miles. I never, ever dreamed that I would do that. I have to tell you that I find some of my sweetest moments with Jesus when I am out there running. On Saturday morning when we were doing our last mile we were quiet and I could hear a little bird singing. I began praying just thanking God for all that he has given me. I am so humbled by his presence. I will keep you posted as I continue to train. If you have any tips or tricks please share.