Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Meet Alexa...

This past Saturday Mom and I headed to Durham to meet Miss Alexa. Heather, Shane, Zack and myself grew up together in Snow Hill and Kinston. We had so much fun together growing up from playing on the farm in Snow Hill to sleeping in the water bed in Kinston. It is still hard to believe that we are grown married women and Heather has 2 beautiful children. It seems just yesterday we were playing on the dirt road. It was so good to see Heather, Caden , Jason and Alexa this weekend.

Mama held her almost the entire time-no doubt! :)

We took Caden a present for being such a great big brother. He was so cute on Saturday. He opened his presents and then moved on to Alexa's presents. After he had opened all the presents he said "Lots of presents".

Congratulations McDaniel Family!! We Love You!

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  1. Almost made me cry reading that. Why does time fly by so fast? I remember those times like they were yesterday. I am so happy we have gotten to share so much of our lives together. Love you a ton!