Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elizabeth and Taylor Christmas Party

My college roommate Taylor and I decided one random night 8 years ago to have a Christmas party at our house. We were far from domestic divas, but we did break in the kitchen the night before the party. I am known for loving to "throw the heat" when I am cooking and that night 8 years ago I did just that to a batch of Hello Dollies and to say the least it was not a pretty sight. We said then that we were going to do this every year no matter what and we have kept our promise. We look forward to this each year and you would be happy to know that the food has come along way since that first Christmas party. :)

The Meeks Family

Mattew & Mary Beth

Chuck & B

My Daddy

Katie, Danielle, Chris

Clairon, Barry, Jamie

Wilson Sunday School Friends

Tay & Brad

M & Andy

Bible Study Girls

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  1. Your commentary about cooking made me laugh out loud!