Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

We had a fun filled Thanksgiving week and weekend. We started out our Thanksgiving at The Little Willie Center in Greenville. The Little Willie Center is a center that serves under privlege children. I have had the opportunity over the past few years to volunteer tutoring at the center. On Thanksgiving Day they open up to the community and serve a meal. Bryan and I started the tradition about 3 years ago to go and volunteer before we go have our Thanksgiving meal. I am always reminded just how blessed we are and my heart is warmed to hear those that are less fortunate be so thankful for a meal. My mom decided to join us this year. Then we headed to my Uncle Horace's house for our family Thanksgiving. We had sooo much good food. It was nice spending time with our family. Uncle Howard, Aunt Miriam, Daddy, Uncle HoraceI talked my Mom, Aunt Angie and Caroline into doing a little "Early Bird" shopping with me. My mom spent the night with me and Angie and Caroline came over at 4:30 am. We headed out to Target to meet up with at least 200 of our "closest" friends. We did get some good deals, but most importantly we really had a good time together. I came home and crashed. Then Friday night I went over to a friend's house in Wilson to play Bunco. I have been wanting to play so bad with group since I moved here so they got a group together to play. Saturday was game day. Decked out in purple and gold off to Dowdy Ficklen we go. The Pirates won and we will host the conference championship next weekend in Gville. GO PIRATES!!!
East Carolina Girls (missing Stace)
Saturday night Bryan and went to see "The Blind Side". I am not a big movie fan, but this movie was so good. If you have not seen it you should go. Today was church and then one more Thanksgiving feast with Bryan's mom. We had BBQ turkey and it was really good. The best part about Thanksgiving is that I got to spend time with Bryan, my family and friends without having to rush to my next desintation. I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving too!!

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