Friday, July 17, 2009

Proud Moments!!

I hope that you don't mind if I brag just a little bit. My brother, Zack, is preparing to deploy again in August. He is taking a couple of weeks to rest and relax before he goes to serve our country. He has had very little time off in the past 2 years since he joined the Army and this week during his leave he decided to go be a camp counselor at Cragmont. As a child he went to this camp and his wife, Alex, goes each year to be a counselor so this year they decided they would go together. When he told me I was thinking are you sure and do you remember that you have NO patience. When he got to camp on Monday he was assigned to the 15,16, and 17 year old boys that did not want to be at a "church camp". When my mom told me that I thought this should be interesting, but I forgot that Zack can make a walk down the street interesting. By Tuesday they had started bonding and in Zack's words "This week has been awesome". Zack called and told my mom that it is amazing to see God work in young peoples lives. As you can tell I am so proud of Zack and Alex for giving up a week to go serve. Alex's family has gone to camp as a camper or counselor for years and I think that is really neat. Tonight is the last night and service so I ask you to remember those impressionable lives in your prayers and ask God to move. Zack and Allie I am so proud to call you my brother and sister!! Keep serving him!


  1. Wow, that is awesome! What a wonderful gift to serve at such a great camp! I pray many lives were touched for eternity!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog about my haircut! You have beautiful long hair & I'm sure it will look great short, too! I look forward to seeing your blog on the 15th! Hope that your MIL is okay!

  2. yeah garrett,landon,braxton,and blythe had so much fun i am going to cragmont next year.....i think you should go and work at camp cragmont for a week!!!!!!