Monday, September 3, 2012

In 3 months what can happen...

let me tell you friend a lot can happen in 3 months time. This is has been a great, crazy summer!! I have some fun things to share which will take me several post to get up to date, but I am going to do it this week!! I guess the major thing that happened was we MOVED!! We had no intentions on moving, but a house that B has loved since childhood had been on the market for quite a while and for kicks one Friday night we went to see it with Bryan's buddy who is a real estate agent. Well, let me just say the whirlwind kicked in, Bryan had to convince me first that this would be a good move. I do NOT like to spend money and I am NOT a fan of change, so this was not an easy task for B. We immediately started praying that God would let his perfect will be done. After a month of prayer we put a for sale by owner sign in our yard and within 5 days it was SOLD!! Then whirlwind #2 started spinning and to be honest I think it is just starting to slow down. It is a older home again for us to "love on" and make it our own. I hope to be a better blogger about our progress; I have been taking pictures even if posting has been on the bottom of the list. Before we move on to Lakeside I have to share one last glimpse of our first home together 1206 Kenan Street. 


 Sun Room


Guest Room

Rounding Out Cheeca..

Oh my goodness, I have not updated in 3 months and what do I find a post that is the "draft" folder. This rounds out Cheeca about 6 months late, but when we are old and gray I want to remember so I will post. 

Sunset that was the prettiest one this girl had ever seen.

Key Lime Pie that was so good!

We saw this kitty cat at the restaurant we went to a few times and I decided to name her, Island Kitty. 
Our time at Cheeca was great and I hope we can visit again one day.