Saturday, May 21, 2011

Going to the Chapel..

Last weekend we celebrated Caroline and Justin's wedding. I will start with sharing some pics from the rehearsal dinner with you. The place was decorated with lots of Carolina blue and golf decor, it was too cute!
Mama and Stacey (aka-THE Wedding Director)
The Radfords
The Liles
The Bride
One of my last pictures with Caroline Griffin Barrow!!

Girls Day

We decided that the Saturday before Caroline's BIG DAY the girls would do a 5K race in Wilson. Caroline, Angie, Mama and myself hit the road early Saturday morning. We had lots of fun and the fellowship after the race around a big plate at Cracker Barrel was heavenly!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Little Project

In honor of my 2nd wedding anniversary which is tomorrow I thought I would share a little project that I did with you. I had a monogrammed ribbon around my bouquet when I walked
down the aisle and I wanted to showcase it. As I was making my weekly rounds in blog land I saw where another southern girl had showcased the outfits her boys came home from the hospital in using a shadow box. I thought that will be perfect for my ribbon. I gathered material, the ribbon, a shadow box and my iron to start putting it all together. It was really easy and I love the way it turned out. The only dilemma now is where do I want to hang it???
I have been in a crafty mood over the past few weeks so stay tuned for some more projects. The spray paint has made it out of the garage!! :)