Sunday, July 25, 2010

Will You Help Me Pray...

I am sure that many of you know by now that Zack was deployed again earlier this month. I have been meaning to do this post for a few weeks now. I just wanted to ask that you please join us in praying for Zack during his time away. We always end our conversation with Zack telling me what we can pray for. Our last conversation he asked that prayers be lifted for his patience and anxiety. I ask that you not only pray for him, but the other men and women that are serving as well.

This week in my Bible study we talked about Abraham and how he displayed incredible obedience by offering Issac as a sacrifice. As a result of his steadfast faith God blessed Abraham with such sweet rewards. I am so thankful that there are men and women that answer the call to serve our country. Also, I am challenged to look at my life to make sure that maintain obedience like Abraham displayed.

Thank you for your prayers.

Zack's email is zhenryliles@yahoo. He always enjoys messages from people at home.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fun

We have had a fun summer weekend. Friday night we headed to Nashville to eat at Ribeye's. After we ate we went over to visit Mr. Johnny and Ms. Patty (B's dad and stepmom). Saturday I headed to Greenville to meet Aunt Angie, Caroline and Mama to look for a wedding dress for Caroline. Caroline said "Yes to the dress!!". She found the perfect dress for her. :) Saturday night we had the Greenville crew and Mama over for dinner. We always have so much fun with the crew. I spend my entire night laughing at Bryan Meeks.

We had fun playing with Connor. He had to change into his PJs before heading home. Is he not the cutest!?! The next gathering we will have a new crew member-Miss Anna Kate should be here.

Today we went to church and then we went to Raleigh with Ms. Lillie and Mr. Jimmy (B's mom and stepdad) to eat at Jason's Deli and shop a little. I am in love with Jason's Deli. The salad bar and turkey wrap are soooo good to me. As you can see below The Radford family ended the day with a nice nap! We feel so blessed to have been able to share our weekend with our friends and family.