Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures from Race Day

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Race Day

Saturday was the BIG day!! I can't begin to tell you how nervous I was on Friday and then Saturday morning as we drove to Raleigh. I kept thinking what if I can't finish. Mind you that I had followed the training plan to a "t"-I am a little OCD!! We started off and it was exciting hearing the bands for the first few miles. At about mile 6 I was thinking what in the world made me want to do this. Then I hit the "Greenway" (which Amanda had warned me about :)) and it was a trail full of HILLS. I kept asking Melodie "How much further do you think?". She would calmly tell me "You are fine...come on Elizabeth." At mile 10 I was thinking can I really finish. Then at mile 11 I was really tired, but I knew I could finish. As we turned the corner to approach the finish line it was an AWESOME feeling. I started crying like a baby and then out of no where appeared a guy that grabbed my was ZACK!! I did not know he was coming and he ran the last few steps with me. I enjoyed training and I will forever be grateful to my coach MELODIE. She kept this girl going. I have include pictures from the day. Thank you so much to everyone that donated money to our campaign for Cancer!! Also, thank you to each of you that ventured out to see me on race day. It meant so much to see each of you at the finish line.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am so excited...

and I just can't hide!!! Thank the Lord it is Spring!! The "Spring Fever" bug has bitten me. I have cleaned out the kitchen cabinets this morning and I am going to tackle my closet before Monday. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Behind Times...

The Radford home has been busy over the past few weeks and I have thought at least a 100 times I need to update the blog. So hopefully this post we get me up to speed.

We finished our Ruth Bible study a couple of weeks ago and it was so good!! I learned so much about Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. The best nugget of information that I found out was that Ruth would have be Jesus' great, great, great, great, great grandmother. That spoke to me so much. I thought my goodness if Ruth would not have followed God's will for her life so many things could have been different. It really made me stop and think about how open I need to be when I feel the "tug" on my heart. I would highly recommend this study. This week we are starting a new study called "Enjoy". I am looking forward to learning about the book of Philippians.

Race day is getting closer and closer. We have been following a training plan and this week on Wednesday we completed our last "big" run before the race. We ran 10.8 miles and when I ran back up to Melodie's house I really felt like crying. I wanted to cry for a couple of reasons-1-I still can't believe my uncoordinated self has made it this far.-2-I was about to die!! :) We will continue to do normal runs with a few long runs until the big day March 28th. It has been rewarding training, but I would be lying if I said that I am not so happy to almost have behind me.

This guy turned a year older on Wednesday. We had fun celebrating with Daddy last Sunday and then I got to go have dinner with him and Terry on his big day. My Daddy is one of the funniest guys I know. I so thankful that God truly blessed him with such a BIG personality.
Happy Birthday DK!!! We love you!!

I think I am caught up for now. I am off to go celebrate Connor's 2nd birthday! I am sure I will have lots of pictures to share. It seems like yesterday I was making my way to the hospital to welcome him into this world. Happy Birthday Connor!!! Uncle B and Aunt Lizzie love you so much.